Tuition, financial aid are rising

According to National Public Radio, the past three decades have seen college tuition increase at a faster rate than both inflation and income.

“In Arizona, for example, parents have seen a 77 percent increase in costs. In Georgia, it’s 75 percent, and in Washington state, 70 percent [in the last five years],” according to NPR.

According to, the average budget for a student during the 2012-2013 academic school year. was $22,826.

Difference Maker of the week: Megan Lindler

Lights, glitz and glam may seem like the only things needed to be Miss North Greenville University; however, this coveted title also requires a great amount of tenacity, chutzpah and heart.

The winner of Miss NGU 2013, Megan Lindler, junior, said, “Being Miss NGU is more than just winning a competition, as some of my many responsibilities include presenting awards and making appearances at any event which may benefit the school and promote my position.”

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