Need a ring? Jostens has you covered

Need a ring? Jostens has you covered

Jaycee Stone, News and Feature Editor

Announcement packages. Rings. Your choice. Jostens provides a wide array of what you need or want to help you remember your college years and prepare your relatives’ wallets to give you graduation money. 

Joking aside, for over 125 years Jostens has lived to serve all your needs when it comes to high school merchandise and college merchandise.

It is the biggest provider for class rings, graduate supplies and even championship rings. Fun fact, the North Greenville baseball team used Jostens to customize their championship ring. 

It provides a variety of rings that were customized by previous students. The list was updated about eight years ago to give the present students an idea of what could work for them. NGU has more choices for its students through Jostens than most colleges, Travis Conn said, employer of Jostens and alumni of NGU. It gives the students the freedom to choose and not feel tied down. It can be chaotic trying to start from scratch with a ring and with the help of the previous rings already being listed, it gives them a way to not stress as much on something that is supposed to bring joy. 

“As far as rings for college students, options are limited to degree, year and metal choice. For graduating seniors, Jostens offers multiple announcement packages that surround the announcement,” Conn said.

Jostens tries their best to help the students feel free to make their own choices for their rings and also to customize it how they please. 

These four years are the most prime years of your life, and Jostens lives to help you remember the good times and even the times of staying up way too late to finish an assignment. For seniors, they provide graduate packages to help commence announcements. Jostens also provides other things like other jewelry options, diploma frames and affiliation accessories. 

When looking at their website, Jostens also provides you to get exclusive offers on your orders. At the bottom left corner, you are able to enter your email to get offers that may help you when ordering your package or ring. Their website is very easy to maneuver, all you have to do is look up the university and it pops up the NGU merchandise that Jostens provides. 

Jostens has ample amounts of ways for you to get in contact with them. When they visit NGU, the students normally get a few days in advance to prepare what they may want. Jostens visits two times a year. When visiting NGU, they provide sample rings and provide them in the bookstore.

They can also be contacted at 864-574-3518 or the customer service department at 1-800-JOSTENS. 

They are open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.. Located near Spartanburg, South Carolina where they have a local office center that you can visit or you would rather have a face-to-face appointment.

Lastly, you can email at if that would be easiest. Jostens also has a social media presence @JOSTENSCCS

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