This place rocks, but you would not want to roll

This place rocks, but you would not want to roll

Nelson Shwe, Staff Graphic Artist

They did not get to meet Dwayne Johnson, but they did get to climb big rocks. North Greenville University’s Crusader Outdoor Adventure and Recreation (COAR) club traveled to Big Rock Mountain in Pickens, South Carolina for their rock climbing trip. The day trip took place on Saturday, February 18. Take a look at the climb in the images below.

Club members load the passenger van to depart.
Club members try on gear and delegate items to carry.
Left, sophomore Samuel Moses, senior Maddie Bridges and freshman Issac Walkup prepare to climb.
Bridges lead climb to set up for top roping.
Moses keeps an eye on the climber he is belaying.
Walkup reaches for a hold on the slab to grip on.
Sophomore, Wesley Bowman, takes photos of Moses as he pulls himself up a ledge.
Walkup ties a figure eight knot for sophomore, Conrad Leidheiser.
Leidheiser walks down the slab as Bridges belays him.
Freshman, Claira Mayhall, crawls her way up a slab.
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