What’s that statue mean? The North Greenville edition

What’s that statue mean? The North Greenville edition

Jaycee Stone, Staff Photographer

The bell represents North Greenville’s College Academy Club being established in the years of 1892-1992. This shows the dedication North Greenville has had, even all of those years back.

This statue represents Jesus weeping and praying up to the Father. Statues like these are there to remind us that Jesus felt feelings too, and He was and is right there with us in times of need.

This statue represents the “fishers of men” when Jesus helps Peter and Andrew. This also stands in the remembrance of T. Prale and Helen R. Wood by Ronald and Laura W Messer.

This bridge is located beside the main entrance of North Greenville. It overlooks the little pond and follows a path you can take any time you would like.

“Every tribe, nation and tongue” fits perfectly when describing the meaning of this statue. The meaning is that we should travel worldwide and Jesus’ people are worldwide. This sits in front of the Craft building on campus.

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