Miracle Hills food drive impact on NGUs campus

Miracle Hills food drive impact on NGUs campus

Jaycee Stone, Staff Writer

Do you have any food that is taking up drawer space that could be donated? If so, NGU is hosting a food drive with bins all across campus that are open at any time of the day for you to drop things in. 

Miracle Hill Ministries is a non-profit organization that provides help to adults needing shelter, clothing, food, counseling, personal development and addiction recovery. They state on their website that their mission is to help homeless children and adults receive food and shelter with compassion, hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and move toward healthy relationships and stability. 

Miracle Hill’s main focus is to help people move into the light. They want people in need to feel safe and taken care of. More specially though, they want to shine the light on Jesus and not them. They want their works to be for Him and not make it about themselves. Their movement is of great importance and it is even better because they make Jesus the center of it all. 

On Miracle Hill’s website, they said, “With the help of generous donors and volunteers, we have become South Carolina’s largest and most comprehensive provider of homeless services.”

The organization has different events that are hosted at certain parts of the year and they also have volunteer opportunities. If you are wanting to help, you can visit Miracle Hills’ website.

Joshua Gilmore, community connection and ministry mobilization director, has been the lead person trying to make students more knowledgeable about the food drive that is around campus. “The food drive bins are located in Chapel, the dining hall, Chick Fil A, the hall of student engagement, library lobby and craft,” Gilmore said.

Gilmore believes that the smallest of actions beats the best of intentions. If you give even a salt shaker, it will be greatly appreciated. Students are encouraged to even look through their drawers at school, because any ramen packages that have been sitting there can also go into the bins.

“Food drives help create awareness among the community and help us as a ministry to reach out to different targets in a very organic way. Every food donation is meaningful to us,” Miracle Hill PR representatives said. They want to make sure that they are reaching every group of people that could help, such as us college students.

If there are any non-perishable items that you think you are not going to eat or use, drop them in the bin. Maybe you are confused on what you bring in, but if you look in the bottom of the bins around campus, there are many different examples to draw from.

You can also take a group of friends to the local dollar store and look for non-perishable items that are still cheap but very useful for those in need. Anything will help and it goes to a great cause.

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