Basketball intramurals: An event to gather and have fun

Basketball intramurals: An event to gather and have fun

Photo by Savannah Williamson

Jesus Arce, Staff Writer

On a college campus, camaraderie and community are an important part of student life. Sports are an indispensable tool for creating a bond between people because of the passion and commitment they create in their hearts.

Here at North Greenville University, intramural basketball is more than just a series of games; it is a strong community of students who come together to compete, forge friendships and enjoy life by creating memories that will last for years to come.

To understand the impact of this event on campus, Dru Reilly, a graduate student and intramural games organizer, explained the success of the sport on campus.

“Intramural basketball at NGU is a unique experience that brings students from different backgrounds together and creates an incredible sense of community,” Reilly said.

“The number of spectators attending the games is impressive. It shows the positive impact basketball intramurals have on our campus culture,” Reilly said.

In Reilly’s words, each night of intramural basketball, at least 50 people attend to watch the games. Showing a level of support and commitment to campus life and its influence brings a large crowd to a place like Hayes Gymnasium.

Andrew Layne, a junior interdisciplinary major, is deeply involved in intramural games on campus. He wanted to highlight the main motivation for why they formed a basketball team for these games, where having a good time is the predominant reason.

“We started a team to have fun and spend time together. Although we don’t have high expectations of winning, we are excited about the camaraderie it creates,” Layne said.

Layne’s wishes show the impact these games have on people’s lives. Basketball intramurals are a platform for students to create and solidify friendships that will last even after college.

Layne wanted to invite more people to participate, which would be beneficial to the popularity of the games.

“I invite everyone to participate and support intramural basketball. It will be a fun experience and an opportunity to meet more people on campus,” Layne said.

These games are not just limited to one group of people, as both men and women can participate. This adds to their appeal and promotes diversity on the university’s campus. Either three men and two women on a team or four women and one man can form a team in intramural basketball.

Riley said intramural basketball has become the most popular sport among all sports, such as disc golf or pick-up ball. The support it has received has exceeded the expectations of the organizers and even the students.

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