Spring break in Nicaragua: A change of plans that changed their lives

Spring break in Nicaragua: A change of plans that changed their lives

Photo Courtesy of Avery Carter

Treasure Hardwick, Staff Writer

Over spring break, seven female NGU students traveled to Nicaragua, where they proclaimed the gospel message and impacted many lives.

Initially, the group was planning to travel to Jordan. However, the recent conflicts in the Middle East required them to change their plans. They decided to go to Nicaragua instead. The team members would undoubtedly say that this change of plan was a gift from God.

In the mornings, the group traveled 30 minutes from their lodge in the city of Masaya to the Barrio of Bladimir. In Bladimir, half of the group served the community by building a house for a local family. The other half of the group walked door to door and shared the gospel. In the afternoons, the whole group rejoined and spent the rest of their day putting on vacation bible school for children. 

Senior marketing major Avery Carter described the trip as a life-changing experience that altered her perspective on the world. She explained how even though the people of Nicaragua live in poverty, they are deeply thankful for what they do have, and they trust the Lord. 

“The people were very dependent on God because they had so little resources. There was so much faith and trust in God to provide literally their next meal, which honestly convicted the team because even in the most dire circumstances their faith is unwavering,” Carter said. 

Carter said that one of the biggest takeaways from the trip is a lesson of contentment and materialism. 

She said, “Looking at our lifestyles compared to theirs shows just how we live in so much excess and luxury and just seeing their joy when they had so little gave me a lot of perspective on how I viewed my material possessions and contentment.” 

Grace Crowhurst, junior interdisciplinary studies major, said that the people of Nicaragua had a profound impact on her. 

“I thought I was just going to help them, but I was shocked at how much I learned from them,” she said.

Crowhurst said that one of her favorite times from the trip was doing door-to-door ministry. She said that she was afraid to talk to people at their houses, but she was obedient to God and decided to do it anyway. 

“I was so scared to do door-to-door ministry. It is just out of my comfort zone, but the people were so kind and welcoming,” she said.

Crowhurst told a story from her experience walking door-to-door. 

“When I did door-to-door I met this lady. She did not speak any English, but she welcomed us right into her tiny house. Getting to see her attitude of gratefulness and her hospitality of welcoming us into her house was just cool and it convicted me,” she said. 

Crowhurst told another story about her last day of the trip. She explained how during their vacation bible school, the team was able to love on and pray for the children. When the team was departing, the children hugged the team and expressed their gratitude. 

“We hugged the children for so long. I could tell that the Holy Spirit was there. The children were crying, and, in that moment, I realized that we really impacted them,” said Crowhurst. 

Crowhurst had advice for those who are scared to step outside of their comfort zone and go on a mission trip. 

“Just go. God will equip you for what He calls you to, and it will change your life,” she said. 

Both Carter and Crowhurst discussed the economic and social challenges in Nicaragua. They explained that the children usually are not able to receive proper education and love. 

The members of the team are working to continue impacting lives in Nicaragua by sponsoring children and ensuring that they can achieve their educational goals and live life without worrying about where their next meal will come from.  

Several of the team members have partnered with Chosen Children’s Ministry, an organization that connects you with a child from Nicaragua and allows you to support them with your prayer and finances.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Nicaraguan child, check out the details here:

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