Bringing culture to the classroom

Bringing culture to the classroom

Photos taken by the author.

Riley Belle Kinard, Staff Photographer

On Friday, March 22, North Greenville University held its annual French festival to recognize French culture in the classroom and around our community. Be our guest and learn more about the French culture.

Students bring French pastries and food to enjoy during the celebration such as macarons, muffins, croissants and chocolate Eclairs.

NGU French alumni and their families came to participate in the Francophone celebration. A “francophone” is used to describe someone who speaks French, specifically as their first language.

Students from Toss’ French one, two and three classes were able to attend and listen to the guest speaker. Blythe Barrineau, freshman digital media major, “It was cool to hear the pastor speak in French and still be able to hear his passion and love for the Lord.”

Jordan Bezek, freshman interdisciplinary major, sings “Revelation Song” in both the English and French languages. Students accompanied her on the guitar and piano.

Samantha Myeres, freshman digital media major, gives a presentation on the differences between French and American culture.

Willy Sawuna, pastor of Eastern Hills Baptist Church, came to the event to talk to students about the importance of success and living for the Lord. Sawuna speaks French and his translator was there to speak in English so that everyone that attended the event could gain knowledge from his message.

Liliane Toss, an NGU French professor and organizer of the event, stands with students, alumni and visitors from New Bethesda Restauration Church who attended the event.

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