Opinion: Tyranny on the Border

Opinion: Tyranny on the Border

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C.J. Eldridge, News and Features Editor

An invasion like we’ve never seen before has been happening on our borders for three years – and the federal government, funded in full by your tax dollars, is making it happen. Joe Biden kicked it all off himself during a tirade at the 2020 Democratic debate.

“I would in fact make sure we [referring to migrants] immediately surge the border,” he announced.

This is a very dangerous thing to say to the rest of the world, who will inevitably prepare to depart for the U.S. in hopes that you will win and provide them a way to cross over. The migrant masses heard the call, and here we are in 2024 with 6.5 million illegal entries in three years and seemingly no stop to the ever growing crisis.

In January alone there were 176,205 encounters – more than ever before for the month. And let’s be real here: the likelihood that these numbers are accurate, coming directly from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), are slim.

Why? I don’t trust the numbers coming from a federal government that is actively going against their Constitutional duty to “protect each of them [each state] against Invasion,” as is enshrined in Article IV Section 4.

What do you do about borders being flooded with illegal aliens? You close them obviously. You defend them with the military with extreme prejudice because borders are all you have between you and everyone else. But this isn’t happening.

This open border policy coincides at a time where conflicts are brewing – and have been for quite some time – on all fronts. The cogs of war are turning again in the Middle East, this time against the technologically and militarily advanced nation of Iran. We are bankrolling the war Ukraine is fighting against Russia with billions of dollars and supplies.

And there is always the Chinese Communist Party to watch out for, who recently attempted a hacking campaign targeting key infrastructure.

Our borders should be locked down tighter than ever. Risk of foreign infiltration is high due to these conflicts the U.S. is directly involved in. The best place to attack a nation is from within, especially the U.S. since it’s so difficult to attack from the outside.

After all, it isn’t just poor South American families coming here. People come from every continent – skipping over many countries they could’ve relocated to if they truly needed it – some with very bad intentions. In 2023 alone, 169 people from the terror watchlist were caught according to Homeland Security’s website. That’s the ones who were actually caught and that were actually known to be terrorists. There’s plenty out there we don’t know about.

But the federal government and CBP has knocked the difficulty down to easy mode for any enemy of the U.S. to get in by ripping down Texas’ barriers and razor wire. This has forced Texas Governor Greg Abbot to mobilize the National Guard. He gives his reasoning and lays out the Biden Admin’s transgressions here; it’s worth a read.

Twenty-five other states have thrown their support behind Texas – thank God – by sending supplies and troops.

Before I go into more, it must be said that you’re going to hear the term “undocumented migrant” a lot on the news. This is the left’s word play at work. The evil that has infested this country likes to twist and distort the meaning of words. They did it by confusing the very idea of what a man and woman is – us sane people know. They did it by calling abortion, the act of going to a child sacrifice center and murdering an innocent baby, healthcare.

And they’re doing it with the illegals crossing the border too by trying to avoid calling them what they are.

These illegal aliens have no respect for this country and no respect for our laws – otherwise they would have respected the process of entering legally. By definition they are breaking the law (here illegally), and they are foreign to this nation (alien). So they should be called as such.

It doesn’t stop there, though.

Once these illegal aliens have crossed the border, they are supplied with food and shelter at migrant shelters popping up all over the country. Take the Roosevelt Hotel for example. It has just been reopened and converted into a massive 1,000 room migrant shelter, NBC New York said.

If you want to see more, just Google “migrant shelters being built in the U.S.” and you will find article after article from this past year and beyond.

They are given free rides all over the country. As of October 2023, Chicago had 25 buses shipping in illegals per day, and Denver had 300 individuals arriving per day. That’s just two examples. It has gotten so bad in Chicago that migrants are being housed in police stations, and the Illinois governor sent a letter to Biden requesting assistance.

Three hundred million dollars has been set aside by Illinois alone for “humanitarian aid” for the situation. I cannot stress enough that this is the people’s tax dollars at work.

A New York City council meeting revealed that $1.3 billion would be spent over the next three years through a contract with hotels to house these illegal aliens being shipped in. Thank God there is a cancellation clause in there. Let’s hope it all gets canceled and they get shipped back to their own countries.

They are staying in schools as well. Daily Mail reported that New York school children were kicked out of their classrooms at James Madison High School and forced to learn from home after 2,000 migrants were put there.

They get handouts just for coming here. Mayor Eric Adams of New York has just launched a program to distribute $53 million to migrant families.

They are even getting free plane tickets, and what do they say? I wonder: “No Name Given.” Ashley St. Clair was the first to discover this on a Delta flight from Phoenix. You can read her X.com post here. She said upon asking a Delta representative about the issue, “his response was ‘What does it matter, they’re humans too.’”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has also shined a light on TSA allowing migrants to board flights without ID, instead allowing them to fill out information on the CBP One app, taking them at their word.

We can’t afford to have people coming here en masse and all we know about them is what they jot down in an app. This is beyond dangerous because we don’t know who they really are.

If no ID isn’t good enough for the citizens who actually live in this country, it isn’t good enough for people who aren’t even citizens here. No American would ever be able to get away with boarding a flight without an ID.

They get all of this as Americans struggle to pay their bills and afford rent. They get all of this while veterans who served this country are thrown to the wayside once the government can no longer use them.

According to Green Doors, an organization that helps the homeless, “About 1.5 million veterans are considered at-risk of homelessness.”

Imagine if we took all these billions of dollars and resources being spent on illegals and helped veterans instead. But only a just country would do that.

The journey these illegals are making couldn’t be done without the help of cartels, which are now operating in all 50 U.S. states. This was confirmed in a conversation Kari Lake recorded of former head of the Arizona GOP Jeff DeWitt trying to bribe her not to run for Arizona senate, which can be listened to here.

DeWitt, who has now resigned from his position, said, “If you say no [to taking the bribe money and dropping out], it’s fine, it’s your choice, don’t tell people [about the bribery].”

Lake responded, “They’re going to try to have me murdered.”

DeWitt immediately jumps to saying, “If that stuff that came out last week is right about the cartel stuff, man. They said the cartels are operating in 50 states right now. Like all 50.”

If you couldn’t catch that, it was a very obvious thinly veiled threat.

Continuing on, cartels aren’t nice tour guides. They control the migration routes towards our country and capture migrating women and children and exploit them as they try to make their way here.

A study from the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women estimated 60% of unaccompanied migrant children were exploited for child pornography and smuggling drugs. Additionally, around 30% of migrant women are sexually assaulted.

The open border only encourages more people to try to come here, putting migrants in the crosshairs of the cartels. So if the invasion doesn’t bother you, people being targeted as they try to make their way here should.

Closing the open border would dissuade them from coming, making it less likely for these women and children to be hurt. Closing the border would also stop the intense flow of highly dangerous chemicals that have been rampaging through said border since 2021.

The drug epidemic has only grown as substances like fentanyl are able to freely flow over the border.

According to DEA.gov, “2021 was an even deadlier year for much of the region . . . The DEA has been seeing Mexican cartels sourcing raw, dangerous chemicals from China, using these chemicals to cheaply produce the deadly synthetic opioid, fentanyl.”

Fentanyl is then trafficked into our country and snuck into almost every illicit drug. This is sold to unsuspecting buyers. It has caused a 40% fatal overdose rate spike in Washington, D.C. and Virginia alone.

2021 – that’s the year the numbers spiked. That’s the year the Biden Administration began its open border policy. See the connections yet?

We best not forget many of those crossing the border are single adults, many of them military-age males if you look at footage. CBP’s statistics list this demographic at over 60% of illegal crossings from 2021 to 2024.

This amount of young men that we know nothing about coming here and then disappearing into the country should put everyone on high alert – going back to those conflicts the U.S. is involved in. Not to mention this takes away job opportunities for younger Americans.

None of this would be happening without the feds.

The feds must be shown that they do not have supreme power, that we the people hold the power, and we the people will not stand for their facilitating and aiding in human smuggling like we’ve never seen before.

These are serious crimes, and they deserve serious punishments. Anyone who is or was involved in any way with aiding in this invasion, whether it be the Biden Administration, CBP or anyone else, needs to be held accountable and should go to prison for a long time.

Vela Law describes the punishment well: “The federal offense of immigrant smuggling is a very serious offense that could lead to serious prison time. If you are arrested for illegally transporting an undocumented alien, you could face up to ten (10) years in federal prison.”

In my ideal world, Americans, especially those in government, helping smuggle illegal aliens should have their citizenship revoked and kicked out to the most dangerous country of those they aided in coming over the border.

This is tyranny at work–a government that thinks it is above your reprimand at work–and tyrants must be shown that the ideals of 1776 still live on in some of the American people. We cannot allow this to continue any longer.

Call every politician’s office you can scrounge off the internet. Make sure they never win another primary again; run for office yourself if you have to. Call the border patrol. Let them all know that you know about their betrayal of the American people, that it will not stand.

To quote Ronald Reagan: “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”

The views expressed in this opinion are the author’s own and do not reflect the views of The Vision Media or North Greenville University. 

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