Christian worldview week: The days leading up

Christian worldview week: The days leading up

Jaycee Stone, News and Feature Editor

Do you want to expand your worldview? North Greenville University has reached far and wide to give their students the best type of worldview exposure to know more about Christ. Even more, to understand how to live in a specific view of Him in our day to day lives. 

Starting Mar 6 going to Mar 8, NGU will have a variety of speakers that will come to inform the students about different world-views and give us an inside on certain information.

Professor of Christian Studies and Director Donny Mathis led in introducing the many speakers and including a short explanation of the week. 

“We will try in this time together to renew our mission, to cultivate transformational leaders for church and society. To think deeply about what it means to be Christian and what it means to live as Christians in this world,” Mathis said. 

George Yancy with Baylor University spoke Monday at chapel and will also speak Monday at 7 p.m.. Tuesday at 7 p.m., David Entwistle, psychology professor at NGU, will be speaking. Wednesday morning at chapel, Christian Worldview week will close with Gene Fant, president of NGU. 

“As a christian university it is essential to refocus different aspects of the school back to a biblical worldview. Christian worldview week is a chance to remember how Christ makes the difference in our university across all the disciplines offered,” sophomore and Christian studies major Amelia Chapman said. 

As said by Entwistle, if we do not know the plotlines of the bigger picture or of the story that the author, being the Lord, then we are constantly trying to make our own rules and paths, which lead to destruction. This week is about stopping and thinking about certain things that are in the big picture and paying close attention to the details of the pictures. 

This week is all about informing the student body of things they may already know and they could have the option of defining it more distinctively. They could be informed of things they do not know yet. It is an open opportunity of learning more about Christianity and what such a worldview would look like. 

“The individuals who were planning and wanted to connect the various lectures by having the concept of the imago Dei be one strand that ran throughout the presentations,” Entwistle said. He was asked to be the speaker for Tuesday night and since he had experience with that specific topic, in the eyes of psychology, he was asked to speak. 

Mathis said, “One of the ways that happens (creation of transformational leaders) during this week is to examine how a Christian Worldview provides better solutions to significant cultural issues than the solutions that are often championed in our society.”

This week in its entirety is based on challenging those that are on NGU’s campus to think more in a biblical context and seeing how deeply we are connected to God. How He wants to help us, because we are truly made in His image. 

Through Jesus and His sacrifice, we are saved. The point of Christian Worldview week is for those of us to know that a little more deeply and soak in it. Mathis has planned an eventful week, filled with information that will last a lifetime. 

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