Greens, beans, potatoes: a quick guide to a successful friendsgiving

Greens, beans, potatoes: a quick guide to a successful friendsgiving

Keely Lyons, News and Features Editor

The creaking fire beneath the hearthstone and tantalizing aroma of pumpkin pie usher in the cozy feelings of fall at home, but how can North Greenville students celebrate the gift of thanksgiving with their friends on campus? Here are five steps for a successful friendsgiving on a college budget.

  1. Choose a Leader

Maybe you aren’t the best at organizing get-togethers–and that’s ok. We all have a friend that just has that special “mom” flare. Maybe you’re the fun aunt that brings the boujee cream puffs to the party. Whatever the case, choose a friend who enjoys sending out invitations and organizing the process so it will run smoothly. There is nothing that can bring down a party faster than miscommunication and disorganization. 

In 2022, paperless invitations are now acceptable modes of communication. With apps and websites like Evite and, digital invitations can be sent to anyone without going through the long process of snail mail. The best part is they are free and come in many styles and patterns to catch the eye of your friends and give them a taste of what kind of party they are coming to.

2. Decide the Menu and Designate 

The last thing anyone wants to to be financially responsible for every dish, or to laboriously toil to make everything on their own. One way to cut down on the cost of thanksgiving is to designate friends to prepare and bring food. It also makes the event a team effort where each person feels they have something of value to bring to the table. 

First, decide who among your friends enjoys cooking. Do they have special family recipes they would like to share? Who would rather bring something already made? The best way to keep this organized is to open a Google Spreadsheet for each person to list what they are bringing.

When choosing menu items, it is good to remember the limitations students have in terms of cooking space. There may be no place to cook a full-sized turkey, but also who could afford it? At Ingles, they individually packaged rotisserie chickens for $12.99. If everyone chipped in, you could get two and it would serve as a clever alternative to a full-sized turkey. 

3. Choosing the Place 

If you look hard enough, NGU has many hidden treasures and spaces that can serve as a blank canvas for a fall picnic. Namely, the gazebo behind the Fine Arts building. While there is no table, a blanket and some cozy pillows, would turn the gazebo into a unique fall feasting spot. The picnic tables near the volleyball court, or having a picnic on the bridge at the campus main entrance are all likely options. 

4. Setting the Ambiance

Nothing sets the mood like decorations and music. Youtube has fall-themed jazz playlists combining ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) and music to set the perfect tone. Using calm, nostalgic music creates an easy-going atmosphere and lets each guest know they are welcome in that space. Fall decorations could be as simple as gathering leaves and placing them around a picnic blanket or buying sunflowers from Ingles or Food Lion.

5. Plan Activities

After eating to your heart’s content, it is unlikely anyone will feel like doing a rigorous activity. Games that bring each person together and involve little to no movement are Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity (the clean version), if you want to get to know everyone’s unique sense of humor. Mafia, a scenario-based game where one person narrates and moderates the game while the rest of the group become townspeople and mafia, is always sure to bring the best side of each person’s wit to the table as they solve murder mysteries, plead their own case and accuse fellow townspeople of their guilt. 

At its heart, Friendsgiving is a reminder of the family that friends become and the joys of life we share together.

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